Man Starts Company And Hires Homeless Veterans


From time to time we’ll come across a story that will really pull at our heartstrings. And when you watch the incredible video below you’ll certainly agree that this is just one of those stories!

For many veterans returning from the war, joblessness is a pretty horrible problem to deal with. After all of their training, all of their bravery, and all of their sacrifice, there is a ridiculous 25% jobless rating for veterans ages 19-25, and skyrocketing suicide rates. “I figured… When I came back from the war I would… Be a hero. But it’s not like that.” stated one of the disappointed veterans.

The homeless rates for veterans is unacceptable and horrifying, so when Mark Doyle realized how bad the situation has gotten, he decided to start a new business. Starting simple but with a big heart, he started his small company with 4 veterans to be a part of his T-shirt company. Named “Rags of Honor,” this company is on the way to becoming the next big thing!

As Doyle’s company continues to grow, he sits back in pride as he can rest easy with the knowledge that he has now helped 22 veterans find work in these troubling times. For men and women who gave their very best, it’s now our turn to help them out and give our very best! “The most profound words you can tell a vet are, ‘You’re hired.” He happily said before getting back to another day of work.

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