Man Has An Unbelievable Face-To-Face Encounter With a Wild Elephant


Here’s a video that’s guaranteed to leave your spine tingling…

Elephants are some of my favorite creatures on this great, big planet. Not only are they the biggest mammals to walk the land, they are much smarter than most animals, with the ability to show emotions, compassion, and incredible learning capabilities. As you can see in this incredible encounter of a former circus elephant and the man who trained him many years before, the old saying “an elephant never forgets” is also spot-on.

You can’t deny that elephants are fascinating, majestic creatures, but if you’ve ever come face to face with one in the wild, you already know that their massive size can be pretty intimidating. While most trained elephants or ones living in sanctuaries are very calm creatures and used to human visitors, wild ones are an entirely different story.

As you can see in the following heart-pounding video of a elephant and a nonchalant tourist in Thailand, there’s only one thing to do when one of these wild giants starts charging at you: Hold your ground. Apparently, the last thing you should do is the exact thing 99% of us probably would do, which is run for our lives or jump into the bushes. Instead, the brave tourist shows how you’re supposed to stand still and wave your hand until the elephant backs off.

I don’t know about you, but there is no way I could stand as still as this guy! Please SHARE this shocking video on your Facebook page if you were shocked, too!



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