Man uses reverse psychology to get his dog to take medicine


Getting dogs to listen can be difficult enough, especially when it comes to getting them to take their medicine. Medicine is hardly appetizing so it’s no wonder dogs have a tough time getting it down. One Portuguese dog-owner discovered a clever way to get his dog to take his medicine each and every time. Fellipe Vilaca Chibante uploaded a video of his technique to his YouTube channel where it has already received over 600,000 views since it was published on November 16.

According to Yahoo, the audio in the following video is all in Portuguese. However, viewers have still been able to understand exactly what Chibante is demonstrating. In the footage, Chibante uses reverse psychology on his dachshund Mel to get her to eat her medicine. Chibante sits in a chair, opens the medicine package and immediately starts saying ‘no’ to Mel. This quickly catches Mel’s attention who wastes no time in sidling up next to Chibante to get a bite of his ‘delicious’ treat.



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