This Man’s Guide Dog Abandons Him, But When You See Why? You’ll Be Floored!


Our four-legged friends offer us much more than just companionship. They provide therapy for healing, emotional support for people with trauma, and guides for those who cannot see.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this is Caleb, a little boy who suffered debilitating brain trauma after a head-on collision. Caleb wasn’t able to move, speak, or communicate before he met Kernel the golden retriever, who worked closely with him through his rehabilitation. In the earliest stages of Caleb’s recovery, therapy generally just meant Caleb laying down with Kernel and attempting to pet his fur. Kernel worked as a motivator for Caleb to do basic physical therapy like open his hands. In Caleb’s case, animal therapy was not only instrumental but integral to his rehabilitation — months later, his improvement was incredible.

In a new ad spot for PayUmoney, we see the day-to-day contributions of a guide animal whose loyalty and partnership with his owner is moving. We watch as the dog leads him out of any situations that may be perfectly safe for someone with sight, but are dangerous for those without. He helps him navigate lines and people and even, in a coffee shop, finds him an open table and saves him a seat. Though it’s an advertisement, it certainly serves to remind us of the many contributions our pets make to our lives and our communities.

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