Marine Shows Amazing Way To Survive From Drowning


Leave it to the Marines to come up with a brilliant way to save lives using nothing except what you’re wearing!

Mike the Marine is a proud veteran of our nation’s few and proud. And when he was a younger man, he learned an important lesson during his intense boot camp. While everyone was proud of their swimming skills, even the world’s best swimmers eventually lose energy.

No matter how strong you are, the human body has limits. That’s why, if you ever find yourself getting on a boat, you should always wear a life jacket. You might feel silly, but you never know when you might hit a bumpy wave, or you may be hit by a gale of wind so fierce that you’re blown overboard.

But just in case you’re not wearing a life jacket when you fall overboard, Mike the Marine has a very handy hack that the Marine Corps has been using for years.

If you find yourself floating in the water just take off your pants! Watch the video to see this ingenious solution using nothing more than your clothes.

While it might not seem like much, back in 1995, a 20-year-old Marine used this technique to save his own life from drowning. He fell overboard and used his pants to help him stay afloat for over 36 hours until a friendly boat came across him floating in the sea!

Watch this video and make sure to remember the simple steps, because you never know when it could save lives.

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