With a Mason Jar, Scrap Paper and Tissues, You Can Make The CUTEST Tissue Holder– Perfect For Sniffles Season!


Fall is finally here and that means many of us will find ourselves confronted once again with annoying seasonal allergies and pesky colds. It’s always better to be prepared, so we recommend you get head start on protecting yourself from flu season by loading up on supplies like vitamins, hand sanitizer, and kleenex. We know no one wants to think about being sick, and while we’re healthy, we like to pretend that illness doesn’t exist, or at least that we will be lucky enough not to catch the latest virus, but there’s nothing worse than being caught unawares, and coming down with a nasty bug without any medicine or supplies in the house. When it comes to fending off disease, prevention is the best medicine.

With this in mind, we’ve found a way to make prepping for flu season fun and festive. You can add to your home décor while ensuring that your family maintains optimum health by being ready for those moments when germs take over, with this neat Mason Jar Tissue Holder. We suggest calling it an art project and getting your kids involved in the creation process. While you’re at it, you can use this as an opportune moment to discuss hygiene and the different means for staying healthy with your kids.

All you’ll need is a small pack of Kleenex, a mason jar and lid, some decorative scrapbook paper of your choice, and an exacto knife.

First take flat, circular part of the mason jar lid out from the under the metal rim, and trace a circle onto your holiday-themed scrapbook paper.


When you’re done with this step, you may discard the flat part of your lid, since your new circular cut-out will take its place.

Very, very carefully, take your exacto knife (we suggest you do this for your kids if they are too young to be entrusted with a sharp knife) and cut out your hand-drawn circle.


Then, still with your exacto knife, slice an “X” in the center of the circle.


Next, simply fold your bundle of tissues around each other and place them inside the jar.


Take the centermost tissue and pull it up so that it sticks out of the wad and up through the “X” in the center of your paper circle.

Lay the circular piece of paper on top of the mason jar, and screw the metal rim of the lid on top.


Wallah! You have a decorative tissue holder!


If you’re having your kids help out and turning it into a fun little art project, you may also want to provide them with glitter and glue so that they can decorate the sides of the jars. Make one for each upcoming holiday: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that these handy little Kleenex jars blend right in with the other decorations in your home.


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