This May Look Like A Normal Painting… Until You Take A Step Back. Then, Whoa.


Hasan Kale is a Turkish micro painter, and you’ll have a hard time believing that his work is real. Instead of painting on canvas, Kale brings his micro art talents to everyday objects like peanuts, or grains of rice.

He covers these objects in amazing tiny art. When I say tiny, I really mean almost microscopic. Seriously. You’d need to really squint to see most of the pictures in real life. Or even better, use a magnifying glass. Just check them out.

(Via: Twisted Sifter/ViralNova)

How in the world is this even possible? His hands must be rock steady to make perfect strokes that small. Most people can’t create artworks at normal scale. For more from Hasan Kale, check him out onFacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Before you do that though, make sure to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.



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