Meet Dexter, an 8-year-old dog who walks on two legs, just like a human


Last month, a video of 8-year-old dog Dexter gained widespread attention and went viral.

Wherever he goes, he walks with his owners or alone on two legs and with his behavior he has won the hearts of many animal lovers online.

Kenty Pasek, owner of 8-year-old Brittany Dexter, told media that her family had always wanted to take the breed on long walks, but she had a terrible accident when she was just a puppy.

Good Morning America,Youtube

He stopped in front of a van, which ran over his front leg. He underwent several surgeries and then returned to his family and began rehabilitation. He lost one leg and developed a completely unique way of walking – he began to walk on his last two legs and got used to this way of walking.

The dog Dexter walks on his hind legs most of his life, surprising many passers-by with his appearance and talents. Watch a touching story about a dog who got used to walking on two hind legs.



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