Meet Swarley And Bing, The Adorable Prairie Dogs With Thousands Of Fans


I‘ve never been much of a fan of rodents — until I saw Swarley and Bing.

This pair adorable and fascinating prairie dogs have recently gone completely viral, thanks to their human mom Cassidy.

They even have their own Instagram account, called “Prairie Dog Pack,” which features them in a series of playful poses!

Though not exactly considered a rare wild animal, prairie dogs are nevertheless an interesting choice for pets. But Cassidy is completely in love with her two mischievous, furry friends — and so is her amazing Labradoodle, Biscuit.

“Every day when I go say hi to the prairie dogs, if Biscuit walks in, they will run over and greet him before me,” she told The Dodo of her pets’ tight bond.

Together, her pets have formed their own close little pack, just like this amazing rescue dog did with the orphaned animals he helped rehabilitate.

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Meet Swarley and Bing, from Houston, Texas.

They’re far from pair of ordinary prairie dogs — in fact, they have been blowing up on the Internet with their hilarious social media accounts.


They’re the tiny leaders of the large animal pack that lives at home — a family that includes a Labradoodle, a goat, kittens, and ducklings.

The sociable friends love meeting new and interesting people, and often reach up to sniff strangers’ noses.


Aside from having sparkling, energetic personalities, Swarley and Bing have warm hearts and a fantastic relationship with Biscuit, the Labradoodle.

They often play, swim, and cuddle together!


“The prairie dogs [also] get along with the goat very well,” owner Cassidy told The Dodo.


“Bing will sit on his back for a long time just enjoying the view.”


Ever since bringing the prairie dogs home, Cassidy has noticed a wonderful change in behavior in the rest of her pets.

In the beginning, Biscuit would stand by their cage and bark angrily. Cassidy suspects that he became jealous of Swarley and Bing.


Eventually, however, they became fast friends, and soon were inseparable.

Though usually quite shy when the pack goes out for walks, Swarley and Bing have met and befriended more than 30 dogs in the neighborhood!


“When I saw them, I immediately fell in love,” Cassidy told the Daily Mail of her first encounter with the fuzzy prairie dogs.

“I went home and researched them for several hours. I decided I wanted one and less than a year later, I got another.”


Of course, the prairie dogs have a loving relationship with Cassidy.

“Every time I come home, Bing will bark a greeting to me,” she said.

“They sleep in bed with me, and cuddle against my stomach or legs.”


After introducing Swarley and Bing to Biscuit, Cassidy has added two ducklings to the pack.

In the future, she hopes to adopt a Border Collie, a Capybara, or a flying squirrel — or maybe all three!

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