Meet Wilson Martins Coutinho, ‘the pet protector’ and ‘angel of animals’


His birth name is Wilson Martins Coutinho, but those around Brazil know him by a name that sounds a bit like that of a superhero: The Pet Protector.

In a series of both heartbreaking and heartwarming photos and videos, the world has come to know this “angel of animals,” a man who has dedicated his life to helping animals who are injured and neglected.

A series of photos which first appeared on Reddit revealed the miserable tale of an injured and emaciated dog living in a box in an open field. The animal had suffered a grievous injury to its hindquarters, likely a bite from another dog, and was so thin that its ribs were pressed against its skin.

Coutinho is shown using his medical skills to clean the dog’s wounds, stitching up the injury once enough skin has grown back, feeding the dog, and perhaps most importantly, showering it with affection, according to a report from Wall Street Insanity.

Despite being “currently unemployed,” according to his own website, Coutinho takes donations, which have led him to adopt “95 cats, 248 dogs, 14 horses, 8 cows, 8 pigs, 7 sheep, and a goat.”

There are several GoFundMe campaigns set up to support Coutinho’s efforts, including one created by Cintia Hultz which has raised $560 of a targeted $5,000.

*Warning: Some of the images included in the video below may be disturbing for some people.



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