Middle School Students Share Heartbreaking Struggles With Bullying


According to ABC News, 160,000 kids stay home from school because of bullying. Bullying victims are about five times more likely to consider suicide, as they feel it’s the only way out.

Bullying takes place in schools across the country, and we’ve seen the ramifications many times before. Take South Allegheny Middle School outside Pittsburgh, for example, where bullies find opportunity to victimize every day. Listen as five young students bravely share their gut-wrenching experiences as bullying victims. “If you’re different in any way from people that think they’re cool, it’s like blood in the water,” one victim told WTAE. The principal has seen students unable to concentrate on their classes, put into intensive therapy, and even turn to self mutilation.

In this video, a news station spends a day at South Allegheny Middle School, distributing a bullying questionnaire to more than 200 students. Even the reporters were shocked by the findings.

Now, school administrators are searching for ways to combat bullying without putting victims at even more risk — and that’s where an anonymous tool called Sprigeo comes in…

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