Military Daughter Surprises Mom During Graduation


Staff Sgt. Markita James was supposed to be in Afghanistan for her mother’s graduation day. At least that’s what her mother, Debra Cooper, was led to believe. In a ceremony she won’t soon forget, Debra’s special recognition in Brenau University president Ed Schrader’s welcoming remarks turned into tears of joy when she turned around to see her little girl standing in the flesh.

Debra was expecting to receive her diploma as a Master of Occupational Therapy, but her hard work would have to temporarily took a back seat to something much more important. It’s the kind of unbridled happiness that can only come from a parent being reunited with a child, and it’s hard not to feel her emotion pour out from the screen. Let us know what you thought of this moment in the comments below, and SHARE her surprise if it brought a little joy to your day.



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