Military Widow Tells Her Powerful Story To Help Other Families


Grab the tissues, because this next story is so powerful, it moved me in ways I never expected…

we love honoring our military heroes, especially those who were killed in the line of duty. We know that the news doesn’t cover enough about these fallen soldiers and we like to take a moment to share incredible stories, like this one about U.S. Paratrooper’s pup who was brought home in memory of his trainer.

Although we occasionally hear about families being honored after their loved ones were killed, we rarely learn about what happens to these broken families. In the following video from “The American Widow Project,” we learn about Megan, a strong woman and mother, who lost her husband Marine Cpl. Craig Ledsome in 2006.

For Megan and her young son, Caleb, life after loss was beyond difficult and the future looked grim. However, everything changed when she met Greg, a man who wanted to help pick up the pieces and help the family move forward. Although many people told Megan she would “find someone new,” something she never wanted to hear after losing her husband, once she did, they turned on her, condemning the relationship.

As you will see in the following video, Megan learned to do what was best for herself, falling in love with Greg, who proved he never wanted to replace Caleb’s father, but instead help honor the fallen soldier’s legacy. I think Megan and Caleb’s story is important to share, as it helps other families in such a heartbreaking situation.

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