Mom *Begs* Michael Bublé To Sing With Her 15-Year-Old Son! His Reaction At 1:30 Is PRICELESS!


Jazz singer and songwriter Michael Bublé has taken the world by storm since he blew up the music world back in 2001.

However, we rarely get to see him in real life, just being Mike. That’s exactly why the Canadian crooner put together the TV special This Is Michael Bublé, which features clips from some of his best live performances, a look at his personal life and some outrageous moments on his world tour.

In this clip, we see a mother run up to the stage during a concert in Birmingham, England. The mom tells the dreamy singer that her 15-year-old son, Sam Hollyman, is a great singer and wants to sing with him. Bublé reluctantly agrees – how can you say no to a mom?! – and has the band start Feeling Good. 

It had the potential to end really, really badly, but after a few notes, Bublé realizes this kid has some serious talent. “Sam can sing!” Bublé exclaims as he gestures for Sam to follow him fully onstage. Later on Bublé joked that he had 4 years before Sam wins X Factor and takes over his career.

Check out the touching moment between the teenager and the superstar. Do you think this kid has what it takes to be the next Bublé?!

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