Mom Busts Her Sneaky Pup Making Away With Some Tasty Treats


Despite countless studies that seem to disprove this theory about our four-legged friends, most dog owners will probably tell you that our pups most certainly feel guilt when they’ve done something naughty. Those big, wide puppy eyes? The bowed head and look of shame? Those may be learned behaviors, but it’s probably not too much of a stretch to also assume that, most of the time, they have a pretty good idea of their doggy missteps.

Take Niko the Frenchie, whose response of puppy shame after being busted for chewing up mom’s pen is as good an example as any. Or a bulldog who made himself a dress of toilet paper and then got outed by another dog.

But the video below is funny for another reason entirely. After a few tater tots mysteriously disappeared, an owner approaches her dog Chase and asks what he’s got crammed in his mouth. Keep in mind he appears to be chewing nothing, but it’s tough to miss those puffed cheeks. When mom asks him what he’s got — his eyes giving away the fact that he’s just been busted — he opens wide and out falls 1, 2, 3…and then 9 tater tots. (Chase’s owner clarified for us that they were organic, non-seasoned or -salted tots that are safe for pups — he’s a well-loved and healthy guy.)

A guilty, albeit adorable, look if I’ve ever seen one.

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