Mom Catches Her Little Boy Dancing Every Single Move To Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’


When this darling little boy saw his favorite music video was on, he knew exactly what he was going to do: Dance! There was only one small problem, his mom was recording him and he didn’t even know it.

It all began when Michael Jackson’s famous music video for “Thriller” began to play. The little boy rushed to put on the famous left-handed glove and he immediately got ready to dance his little heart out.

While most little boys his age are busy playing video games, he’s decided he wants to learn how to dance like a true master. His mom has always seen him dancing like a madman, but she never managed to get her camera out in time to record it. But this time, she was ready!

The little boy stares down his music idol on the television, and using the same exact moves he dances to the beat just like Jackson! While he still has a ways to go before he finds himself dancing with the stars, we certainly hope he keeps up his passion and sticks to perfecting his dancing talent.

With a little bit of practice, we’re sure we’re going to be hearing about this little boy in the years to come as he gets better and better. He’s so confident in his abilities that even after he realizes he’s being filmed, he continues dancing with the same passion as before. Now that’s what we call a star!

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