Mom Is Cheering In The Stands. Now Watch What Her Daughter Does After The Race — I’m Crying!


When kids are growing up, they don’t often realize how much their mothers have done for them throughout the years. The sacrifices, the late nights, the stresses, and the messes are all unknown to that small child.

It’s not until that kid grows up and really thinks about everything their mom did for them that they start feeling the appreciation for these superwomen. Yes, the child has always loved their mother unconditionally, but for whatever reason, most children are so caught up in their own silly worlds that it takes years and years for them to finally realize how many times Mom put her wants and needs second to her babies’.

That sacrifice, and the true beauty of motherhood, are captured perfectly in this next video, and though the clip is over three years old now, its point still hits home hard enough to bring tears to our eyes. It has one quote in particular that made me just break down: “The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world.”

I immediately called my mother sobbing after I watched this, just to say “thank you!”

Produced to thank all the mothers during the 2012 Olympic games, this amazing video shows all that these mothers have done for their kiddies over the years. All of the early mornings, all of the long car rides to practice, all of the dirty laundry, and everything in between.

It doesn’t matter what country you’re from or what language you speak, the beauty of motherhood is always the same no matter what.

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