Mom Cradles Newborn Gorilla Spots Mischievous Toddler Nearby As Cameras Capture Hilarious Next Move


Welcoming a new sibling can be an exciting time for a child. After months and months of waiting, their long-awaited little brother or sister finally arrives. This moment can also be a huge wake-up call for little ones, when they realize that the new baby needs a lot more attention than they originally suspected. Lopes the 4-year-old gorilla learned this lesson the hard way, and when you see the adorable video you will quickly understand why!

As mom proudly cradles the new arrival, Lopes is seen peering at her curiously from a few feet away. Excited to have mom and baby nearby, Lopes plops himself down to get a closer look at his five day old sibling. Even though he is sitting still, there is a mischievous look in his eye – and it doesn’t take long for him to act out in a hilarious way.



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