Mom discovers tumor after a kitchen accident leaves her hospitalized


To 99.9 percent of the world, the glass bowl in Colleen Lowe’s kitchen that day in 2004 would merely be called a glass bowl. For the Lowe family, even 11 years later, it’s still the Miracle Bowl.

The bowl was in a high cabinet at Lowe’s house and when she reached for it, she did so without first drying her hands, still wet and soapy from washing dishes. As a result, she mishandled the bowl and it hit her square in the nose causing her to fall and hit her head, according to a report filed in 2004 for WGN-TV.

Lowe’s phone rang at that moment; her son Mike, now a WGN broadcaster, was on the other end. He heard her slurring her words and got her to the hospital, where a CT scan revealed something staggering — a brain tumor that left unchecked would have absolutely killed Colleen.

Doctors took action immediately and the tumor was removed, according to WGN. They expected it to take Colleen 10 days to fully recover and get back home; it took her three.

From there, the bowl earned its nickname and 11 years later, Colleen is as healthy as she thought she was that fateful day. “It’s pretty amazing to think that this (bowl) set in motion a series of events that probably saved her life,” her son Mike told WGN.



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