Mom Gets Delightful Surprise At Daughter’s Recital


As the start of Lauren’s dance recital neared, her mother looked around anxiously for the girl’s father, Michael. He wasn’t answering any texts or calls. Then, 10-year-old Lauren appeared onstage at the Joy of Dance Centre in Toronto, Ontario. “I was given the chance to do this special dance today,” she said into the microphone, “Mom, Dad, this is for you.” Michael’s seat was still empty.

This summer, Quaker Oats Co. reached out to a number of families in order to help tell a meaningful story and answer one question: “What if you were given the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do … but you had to start today?” Michael Hope and wife Lynne Hoppen, identified in the Globe and Mail, plus their three children were ultimately chosen to be part of Quaker’s newest ad campaign, featured below. When Quaker interviewed Michael and his youngest daughter, Lauren, the 10-year-old proclaimed that she wanted her dad to participate in a dance class with her. “Dance is a very big part of my life,” she says previously in the ad. So, the two got to work.

The catch? Well, not only did Michael’s dance journey begin right then and there, he also had to keep it a secret from his wife. “Two and a half weeks of not being able to tell my wife anything that I’ve been doing has been murder,” he admitted in a behind-the-scenes clip. From the look on his wife’s face when he joined Lauren onstage, it was well worth it.

The Quaker Oats Co. prides itself on instilling healthy habits in families that will last a lifetime. It also understands the importance of a family’s bond.

Watch Quaker’s campaign below.



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