Mom Gives Birth To Rare Identical Triplets Among Quadruplets


For over two years, Ryan and Danielle Holaday struggled to conceive. Finally, they decided to put their faith into fertility treatments — and on their very first try, they were shocked to learn they were pregnant with not one but four boys. But in 2010, that wasn’t their only surprise …

According to Sutter Health, the doctors recommended Danielle and Ryan selectively reduce the number of embryos. Though the couple discussed the idea, they decided to keep all four embryos after “prayerful consideration.”

Like most quadruplets, Evan, Dylan, Jordan and Cater were born a few months premature — but their delivery in 2010 was a total success. Incredibly, Ryan and Danielle were blessed with three identical triplets and one fraternal twin. Yep! One embryo split two times into identical triplets and left one singleton. There are only about 100 cases like this across the country. Standing in the hospital room, Danielle proudly proclaimed to the camera, “These guys are one-in-a-million… literally!”

It’s now five years later, and this amazing family is ready to enjoy another holiday season. If this video made you smile, please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!



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