Mom Gives Kitchen A Face-lift With Cabinet-Refinishing Project


Remodeling one’s entire kitchen can be a costly and labor-intensive endeavor, not to mention time-consuming. HomeAdvisor says the average cost of remodeling a kitchen is just under $20,000. Not everyone has that sort of money to put toward a renovation project, no matter how badly they need it.

But revamping an out-of-date or run-down kitchen doesn’t always require a complete upheaval. In fact, sometimes all it takes is a change to the finer details of the room. Take, for instance, the cabinets. By refinishing your kitchen cabinets — or simply repainting them — you’ll give your kitchen that updated look you were seeking. Plus, it’s a cheaper alternative to refacing your cabinets or installing new ones.

How cheap, you ask? Ashley from Ashley’s Green Life refinished all of her kitchen cabinets (and some from the bathroom) for a mere $80. She picked up a cabinet transformation kit from Rust-Oleum and set aside three weeks for the project, right as her summer came to a close.

First things first, Ashley removed the kitchen cabinet doors, scrubbed them down, and laid them on a tarp in her garage. She then de-glossed the cabinets, which rids them of their shine, and added the initial bond coat. In the video that documented the project, Ashley noted that her mother was essential in this step, “She’s super crafty and she had way more patience than I had.”

After two bond coats, Ashley applied the third and final coat. She did mention, however, that there’s an optional glaze coat which will add some shine, but she didn’t feel it was necessary in her case. Rather, Ashley added the protective coat to all of her kitchen cabinet and cupboard doors, and reinstalled them in the kitchen with a little help from her husband. Just like that, the DIY kitchen cabinet project was complete, and Ashley’s kitchen now had a sleek, modern feel to it.

If your kitchen is in need of a face-lift, consider refinishing your kitchen cabinets. It’s a hands-on, cost-effective project that yields incredible results.

You can watch the transformation unfold below and see the before and after shots.



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