When Mom Leaves Her Son In The Car, He Pays The Price


It may not be summer, but there’s never a wrong time to be reminded of the horrors of vehicular heatstroke. It doesn’t need to be too hot outside for the inside of a car to heat up on a sunny day, and it doesn’t take long, either. This short film depicts a scene that too many people know too well.

“I’m only going in for a few things,” she thought. “It will just take a few minutes”.
There was likely never a time in her life when she so fervently wished she was right. Five-minute trips turn into fifteen-minute trips, and there’s always just “one more thing” to get before checking out. Share this clip with your friends on Facebook to remind them that it’s always easier to deal with a fussy kid in a supermarket than to deal with the consequences of vehicular heatstroke.
Do you have any experience with situations like this? Chime in down below (or on Facebook) to tell us what you might have done as a passerby in this situation.


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