Mom Who Ran A Red Light Is Grateful To The Officer Who Pulled Her Over


Texas mom Nicole Dean learned this week that sometimes, a minor inconvenience can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

She was in the car with her baby boy Kyler, when she decided to try to make a yellow light pulling out of a shopping center. She missed her timing, and ended up running the red light instead.

Just moments later, a nearby police cruiser pulled her over for her infraction. But—in a case similar to story of the officer who pulled over a grieving woman—when Officer Jeremy Reyna came up next to her car, he noticed something that troubled him a lot more than her innocent traffic violation.

In the backseat, 9-month-old Kyler was strapped into a baby seat that looked like it was falling apart at the seams. Like the officer who caught a homeless mom shoplifting, Reyna simply couldn’t let them go without lending a hand.

Instead, he went back into the shopping center to a Walmart, where he purchased a brand-new car seat for little Kyler. Dean, whose family was homeless until just last year, simply couldn’t afford a better seat for her baby than the one that she bought second-hand.

Instead of asking for payment, Officer Reyna asked her to “pay it forward,” and Nicole says that she’s simply grateful that the officer pulled her over.

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