Mom Sees Her Baby Bird Struggling To Hatch. Watch What She Does Next…


Get ready to embark on an epic journey with a fine feathered family…

At first, Gordita is threatened by her new baby bird, thinking it’s an “intruder.” While it’s a little shocking to see her peck at the newborn still half inside the egg, moments later these two finally connect like mother and baby. It’s clear Gordita has fallen in love.

Meanwhile, the other Cockatiel of the household — 10-year-old Mocha — has been laying infertile eggs for years. Luckily for her, she’s also about to experience motherhood for the first time! Mocha’s pet parent curiously places one of Gordita’s fertile eggs underneath Mocha, and like the natural born mother she always was, out hatches another healthy baby bird! Mocha was able to lay her very first viable egg, courtesy of Gordita.

I watched in awe as the video then shows us what the next 30 days have in store for these babies — feeding, exploring the world, playing and growing up in their feathers. It’s a beautiful — and adorable — documentation of life.

YouTube user “CelestialDLS” says, “I read somewhere that the growth rate of a cockatiel in the first 30 days is so fast that it’s equivalent to a human newborn turning 5 years old in 30 days. (I believe!) So, I was really excited to see this happen and to document it, especially for my sister who wanted to see pictures.

Btw, this video is not meant to encourage breeding birds. It’s pretty difficult to do it on your own (e.g. baby not growing up correctly) which is why I had the cockatiels raise the chicks. FYI, they turned out to be extremely tame b/c I handled them constantly as they were growing up.”

Shhh… it’s happening!



Welcome to the world, little guy.


Day 4. Lunch time with mom, Gordita.


Day 15. Feathers are growing in nicely!


Day 27 and 29. And siblings for life 🙂


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