Mom Is Touched By Mall Santa’s Reaction To Her Son


A New Jersey mom was touched to witness the way a mall Santa interacted with her son who has autism.

The Santa, working at the Dambly’s Garden Center in Berlin, NJ, was unaware of Casey’s condition. Yet, he reacted to the 22-year-old in a commendable manner. He allowed Casey to sit on his lap and also listened as he listed all the items he wanted for Christmas.

Mom Meria Hackett‎ shared a video of the touching moment on her Facebook page, along with words of gratitude.

“We just watched in awe the reaction between Casey and him,” she wrote. “Thank you for allowing us to witness the true Christmas spirit still. If anyone has any doubts about the $10.00 they are charging. Trust me I would have paid more for this. He is truly an amazing man… this was priceless.”

This priceless moment comes after other Santas across the nation have also gone viral for their demeanor with visitors, including one in Michigan who gave a young boy some heartwarming advice. Like the previous instances, many viewers were just as pleased to see such beautiful holiday spirit in this video.

“Thank you for sharing [a] wonderful video, and even more special that Santa was so warm and friendly! There truly are good people in this crazy world,” one woman commented.

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