Momma Panda Meets Baby Panda For The First Time


Baby pandas are undeniably adorable, cuddly, and shockingly born at roughly 1/900th of their mother’s weight. This particular panda is about to meet her mother for the first time, but was initially kept isolated due to fear that Momma might kill or eat her newborn. While separating a newborn cub from the mother appears to be uncommon (typically they are separated at 18 months or so), the zookeepers appear unwilling to take that chance and risk the newborn’s life.

The cub in this video is brought into a controlled environment (presumably for her safety) and left alone on the floor with the cage door closed behind her. At first it seemed like a cruel thing to do, but when they let the mother inside of the cage, it’s all smiles. Here the momma panda gets to nuzzle with her newborn for the first time without the fear of human interaction.

The baby is at least at a few weeks old, since when they are first born they are mostly pink with a few white hairs covering their skin. It isn’t until they have matured a bit that the black patches of fur that we have grown to adore grow in. I can only imagine how this mother felt after having to wait this long to see her newborn.

This reunion of mom and cub is so precious that I watched it on repeat, because to me the only thing more adorable than a full-grown panda, is a full-grown panda nurturing her cub. What did you think of the the mom’s precious reaction to seeing her newborn? Spread the happiness if you smiled as much as I did.



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