Monsters Tried To Kill This Baby Monkey. What She Does When She’s Rescued? I Cried


A tiny monkey in Belize did not stand a chance againstlife-threatening poachers. What happened to this baby can only be described as a miracle.

When the Belize Forest Department received the call about this newborn monkey, they knew they had to move fast. Rescuers found the baby and quickly brought her to the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic to try to save her life.

At the animal hospital, the little one was named Izzie. She was scared, weak, and still in shock, so the doctors fed and rehydrated the tiny fighter. They also discovered the delicate newborn was suffering from a broken arm, but an X-ray showed even more heartbreak. Izzie had multiple broken bones from a shotgun pellet, but there was still hope for her survival.

After being fixed up and put in a cast, Izzie is expected to recover, but there are still so many animals like her who need help! Izzie’s story proves just about anything is possible if you have thewill to survive and love in your heart. Please do your part to help innocent babies like this tiny angel.

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