Mother Dies Just Five Days After Giving Birth To Fourth Child


Kathleen Thorson She died of a cerebral hemorrhage just days after her mother gave birth to her fourth child. God fulfilled this woman’s selfless last wish and saved 12 more lives!

There is no better time to lose a loved one. But Kathleen Thorson’s sudden death came five days after her mother gave birth to her fourth son, Teddy, with her husband, Jesse Thorson.

A few days after returning from the hospital, Kathleen was taken to the emergency room. He was diagnosed with intracranial hemorrhage. However, with the help of several operations, doctors were unable to stop the massive hemorrhage in his brain.

“Kathleen’s condition deteriorated to a point that she could no longer survive,” said Richard Stubbs, the person overseeing the fundraiser for the family.

Last Wish For Mom Who Gave Birth And Then Died

No one expected to be saying goodbye so soon after this mom gave birth. The loss rocked her friends and family, but especially her husband, Jesse. While grieving his wife’s death, he had four children to care for alone — Danny, Grace, James, and newborn Teddy.

But even in the midst of such heartache after this mom gave birth, Kathleen’s family remembered her gracious spirit.

“There aren’t many words to be said except that we love her, and we will miss her with every breath we take. Through all of this hardship, her love, life, and magic are still felt,” the tribute on the Thorson Go Fund Me page read.

The memory of Kathleen’s selfless nature was her last wish. Kathleen Thorson said she wants to become an organ donor, hoping that it will be an answer to the prayers of other family members before her death.

“According to his will, we are doing everything possible to make a miracle happen in the lives of those who need to donate their organs,” wrote Richard Stubbs.

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Every time this mother was born, God had already used Kathleen to perform miracles. Now, even though she died,


His mother is the millionth donor.
It’s hard to imagine anything better than the death of a newborn mother. But Kathleen Thorson knew she was going to die someday, and when she died, she wanted to become an organ donor to help others.

It’s good, of course. But no one could have imagined what an amazing impact Kathleen would have!

God not only fulfilled Kathleen’s dying wish, but also blessed her. After her death, Kathleen became a candidate for surgery on all of her organs. As a result, he was able to donate “12 unexplored organs such as the heart and lungs.”

Just one woman saved 12 lives. Probability shows that the hand of God is behind it.

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And as the Kathleen Thorson’s story spread, folks from all over started making donations to help with medical costs, funeral expenses, and to make up for Jesse’s lost wages.

In fact, the response was so great, Richard Stubbs ended up stretching the goal from $50,000 to $95,000. The donations just kept coming and reached nearly $130,000 in less than a month!

“With this money, Jesse will be able to pay important bills, cover much of the medical costs and spend more time with his children while he and his children navigate this new path,” Richard said.

Jesse also plans on fulfilling Kathleen’s dreams of making a beautiful garden in their backyard.

Mom Gave Birth And Left A Legacy Of LoveRichard encouraged others to honor Kathleen Thorson by being a little bit more like her:

“Look for the hand of God in your life every day,” he says, along with several other suggestions.

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