Mother Horse Depressed When Foal Is Stillborn, Vet’s Plan Is Lighting Up The Internet


When a mare retired from show jumping found herself in a difficult labor, horse fertility specialist Dr. Patrick Brogan rushed to help the horse. Sadly, Zindita ended up losing her baby.

The foal had been stillborn and Zindita was completely despondent. Her heartbreak over not having a baby to immediately dote upon was clearly evident to everyone around her. The human caregivers did not know what to do to help the horse to avoid lapsing into a depressive state. But as fate would have it, Dr. Brogan received a phone call that would change Zindita’s life forever.

As it turns out, Dr. Brogan had been contacted for help with a case where a mare named Tolanda had shockingly passed away in the throes of delivering her foal. Now, there was a baby that didn’t have a mother to nurse her, tend to her and lavish loads of love upon her. Dr. Brogan knew that time was of the essence and had an idea.

He decided to bring the orphaned baby to Zindita to see if they would be able to bond. Blessedly, Zindita and the baby fell in love instantly. They needed each other and realized that the hole in their hearts left by the loss of a loved one could be filled!

Source: klipland



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