Motorcyclist Films Close Call With SUV


It was a cool but sunny day when one motorcyclist decided to gear up and take his bike for a spin. This particular motorcyclist likes to capture his on-the-road adventures with the help of a helmet-mounted camera. But his latest jaunt did not end up going as smoothly as the rest of the excursions. In fact, there was one heart-stopping moment that viewers cannot believe he caught on camera and lived to share.

As the motorcyclist barrels down a two-lane paved road with a right-hand turning lane, he sees a blue SUV stopped at the wide intersection up ahead. The driver of the blue SUV does not have the right-of-way and sits at the stop sign, seemingly waiting for the motorcycle to pass. Except the driver wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the motorcyclist and decided to advance. He slowly pulls out and across the motorcyclist’s lane to go left into the opposite lane – right in front of the motorcyclist!

It is almost as if the driver of the SUV is moving in slow motion and it appears that a collision is inevitable. But the motorcyclist just narrowly avoids crashing into the vehicle by swerving around its back bumper. He literally grazed the backside of the vehicle without making contact and manages to keep his motorcycle upright. Then the motorcyclist notices the driver of the SUV has stopped, so he turns around and comes to a complete stop a safe distance away. That is when the driver hustles out of his vehicle and charges up to the motorcyclist. The man on the motorcycle braces himself for what he envisions to be quite the altercation. But what happens next floored the motorcyclist and the viewers who have seen this snippet. Check out exactly what was said between these two men after both survived such a harrowing close call.



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