He Moved Into The Back Of An Old Truck, But What He Did Inside? ASTONISHING


Followers of the Tiny House Movement know that there are certainly pros and cons to living life in a house on wheels.

On one hand, you have everything you need with you anywhere you go, and nothing you don’t. You can literally make anywhere your home without worrying about mortgages or high rents. It’s a life of freedom and no clutter.

On the other hand, you’re limited on room and probably live in an uncomfortable, cramped space with no luxury.

Well, Yosi Tayar has solved that problem in his converted box truck that allows him to travel around his country of Israel with everything he needs plus comfort and luxury. Photovoltaic panels built into the roof allow him to run the entire mobilized house on solar power so that he can also live completely off the grid.

We’ve seen many a tiny house here at LittleThings, but what Tayar has created is definitely one of the nicer ones we have come across!

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At age 50, Tayar was inspired by a television program about houses on wheels. Having ample experience in carpentry and interior design, he decided to create his own.


© Ilan Nachum

The entire conversion cost the professional creative animator an approximate $225,000 and took about four years of work. The price might seem steep, but he does not owe a mortgage or property taxes.


© Ilan Nachum

The walls are seven inches thick to keep the house insulated and energy costs low.


© Ilan Nachum



While electricity comes from the solar panels atop the truck, a tank supports the water supply.



© Ilan Nachum

This converted truck is an excellent example of sustainable living. Tayar envisions an entire village of similar mobile houses.


© Ilan Nachum

Though small on square footage, the house has space for a fully functional kitchen, dining room, living space, lavatory, and bedroom area.


© Ilan Nachum



Though the truck is only 37.7 feet long, the space is efficiently designed so as to not feel claustrophobic. He was even able to install ceiling fans and a standup shower.


© Ilan Nachum

He admits that he had to sacrifice a few personal possessions like books and extra clothes to make the transition, but he feels that in this sacrifice he has gained freedom.


Facebook/Yosi Tayar

Tayar’s occupation allows him to work from anywhere. His house and office are one.


Facebook/Yosi Tayar

By law, Tayar can park the house anywhere trucks are allowed to park, though he typically parks it near the sea. It takes incredible vision like Tayar’s to see how an old box truck like this can become such an incredibly warm, welcoming environment to call home.


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