She Was Moving, So She Posted Her Pets On Craigslist. Wait’ll You See The Ad…


Believe it or not, a lot of people abandon their pets. It’s unfortunate, but sadly, it is one of the many cold, hard realities of the world in which we live.

Some people have even utilized the internet in their dastardly attempts to ditch their dogs, and this tactic is becoming a trend!

For instance, in the video below, an anonymous individual published a post entitled “Dog needs gone or shot,” on Craigslist, announcing to the sites’ users that if someone didn’t adopt their dog ASAP, Fido was going to get Old Yeller-ed.

Yup, you read that right: If no one took responsibility for the pooch, he was going to be killed.

This is a horrible thing to do to dogs — and even to dog-lovers, that spend endless amounts of time, passion, and money fostering, adopting, and caring for abandoned animals.

That’s when one pet owner and Craigslist user had had enough. They went on to the listing site and decided to speak their mind about the horrible new trend of threatening a dog’s life online in order to get rid of it.


Below is a picture of her dog and cat and the message that she wrote.

Do you agree with the response below? What do you think we should do to people who threaten animals’ lives? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

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The outraged Craigslist poster began their post with the subject line “This is my dog….” and posted the following below this photo:


“…I have had her for six years. She has been frustrating and infuriating at times. She has cost me money I wanted to spend on other things. She has been inconvenient at times. I’ve had to arrange my life with her in mind. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world, because I love her and she brings me joy. Now, to get to the point of this post. I want to tell you about something amazing that I did. I MOVED. I moved three times actually. Amazingly, I KEPT MY F***ING DOG! Can you imagine? Did you know someone can move and still keep their dog? What an amazing concept, isn’t it? Oh, I also got married, had a baby, and changed jobs, AND STILL MANAGED TO KEEP MY DOG! Am I the only human being alive who’s been able to do this? See that little cat next [to] my dog in the picture, well we just found out she has AIDS, yes, feline AIDS. She will require expensive medicine for the rest of her short life. Guess what? I’M KEEPING THE F***ING CAT TOO. I’m not going to dump her off on Craigslist to assuage some mild hint of guilt I feel because I’m too lazy, weak and irresponsible to fulfill a commitment I made to a living, loving animal. To all you who do otherwise, F*** YOU! I hope your spouse leaves you, penniless and alone. May God keep you, though you don’t deserve it.”




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