Music Malfunction Doesn’t End This Dance Routine


During halftime at this high school basketball game, the cheerleaders take center stage to display their routine. They form a straight line, with hands on their hips, when Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” starts to play. The girls begin their choreographed dance, moving around the court, high kicking in unison and stomping their feet. When the group of girls meet in the middle, the song begins to cut out. Luckily, “Shake It Off” is perhaps the most recognizable song of the year. So, without a beat, the crowd steps in to relieve the faulty music player. It’s a simple gesture on their part, but it certainly warms your heart.

Check out the video below to watch the routine in full. All seems well until Taylor’s words begin to cut in and out. That’s when the crowd fulfills their civic duty and allows this routine to see completion. What did you think of their performance? Let us know in the comments section and share this video with your friends.




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