Nature Valley Shows Parents Why Their Kids Should Spend More Time Outside And Unplugged


Amom was doing her best to give her son a happy childhood, but when she sees video of him discussing his everyday life, she’s brought to tears.

What happens when you discover your kids love getting lost in fake, virtual worlds more than the real world? What happens when your children spend more time playing with simulations of friends than making real ones?

Nature Valley asked three generations, “When you were a kid, what did you do for fun?” One grandma answers that she would go blueberry picking, another mom says she would grow watermelons, while a grandpa says he would go fishing.

When the children answer they all say the same thing: they love texting, video games and television. There’s no discussion of hanging with their friends, going out, swimming, games — nothing. It’s almost as though they don’t interact with other human beings unless it’s via the internet.

Inventors have even gone so far as to create a pepper shaker that turns off all devices in the homeso that families can actually speak to each other during dinner.

There’s nothing wrong with zoning out on the computer; it’s certainly better than the other nefarious options that exist out there. But there certainly has to be some sort of balance between going online and having real life experiences.

Our best memories should be things that we did, not things that we saw on a screen. When a mom sees that all of her son’s happiness comes from video games, she’s moved to tears.

See the short film below and SHARE if you miss seeing kids playing outside!



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