Navy Dad Surprises Kids While They Take A Photo With Santa


The three little children of the Stella family were all looking forward to the Christmas holiday. So when their mom decided to take them to take their picture with Santa Claus, all of them had one little wish to tell him.

While all of the kids were healthy and happy one thing was missing from their home. Their dad, Rob Stella, had been away in the Navy for about a year at this point. Though they all respected their amazing dad and were proud of him for his deployment, they still missed him terribly.

But for the little girl, just a day before her 10th birthday, she had a special wish she knew she needed to tell jolly old Saint Nicholas. And just like magic, it seems like she managed to get her wildest dreams fulfilled! When her two brothers turn around, she can’t help but squeal in excitement when she finally realizes who it is!

Rob has been with the Navy for 23 years, and just when he thought his deployments were done last year, the whole family was shocked when they found out he would have to be leaving again.

While he managed to get a few opportunities to come visit his beautiful family from time to time, the video you’re seeing below is the very last time he’ll have to do this. After working with the Navy for so many years, he’s finally been properly discharged and will get the opportunity to spend his days at home where he belongs!

This is just about the most perfect birthday gift a 10-year-old girl could ever ask for! Welcome home Rob and thank you for your service!

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