She Never Cut Her Hair Until She Learned How Old The Audience THOUGHT She Was…


There are things most of us would never consider doing. Harm an animal? Never. Eat gum off the floor? Ick. Dye our hair florescent orange and wear it standing straight up like a real life troll doll? Uh, no. But cutting our hair? Most of us do that a few times a year.

Mary, however, is a real life 23-year-old Rapunzel who has never cut her hair…ever…in her entire life.

“My hair has always been me,” she told Tyra Banks onTyra. “It’s always been my security blanket.”

It was even what snagged her husband-to-be, Luke’s, eye. It was the first thing he noticed about her in their senior English class in college because her hair was literally dragging on the floor. Luke found her very attractive and was instantly smitten — at first. Soon after they met, he said he had to figure out a special way to kiss her because, whenever he would, he’d always get strands of Mary’s mane in his mouth.

Yet that’s not Mary’s only follicle foible. People think she’s much older because of her mermaid-like mop.

“I was with my sister, she’s 18, and we went to her open house for school,” said Mary. “And they thought I was her mother.”

Mary is getting married soon and wants a new look for her new life.

Can Tyra and her audience help? See what happens in the video below, but he prepared — the result is hair-raising!

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