You Would Never, EVER Want To Shop At These Supermarkets. Wow.


Nunavut is the northernmost Canadian territory and by far the worst one to buy groceries in. When a bag of chips will set you back just south of $10, odds are it’s going to cost a pretty penny to buy the makings for something that would even resemble a healthy meal for your family.

Citizens of the area are furious about the high, continuously rising prices and are protesting both in person and online. Nunavut Food Price is a Tumblr devoted to giving residents a place to share the outrageous sums of money they’re being asked to pay for everyday items. You won’t believe some of these stores are asking for!

Take a look!

Package Of Bottled Water


Frozen Taquitos


Orange Juice


Ground Beef

Potato Chips

Cooking Sauce

Ice Cream

Snack Bars

Canned Corn

Baby Formula

Frozen Treats

Chicken Burgers

Corn Dogs

(via RedditHuffington PostNunavut Food Price)

$3.29 for a KitKat? What is this, a movie theater? It’s hard to believe a place is selling this stuff for such outrageous prices. Click on the button below to share this on Facebook!



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