They NEVER Expected Daddy To Do THIS As The Train Passes…OMG!!


we believe it’s the little things in life that matter most. The video you’re about to see is a perfect example of this very mindset. It’s guaranteed to fill you up with happiness. There’s nothing greater than the joy of a child!

YouTube user jfro block posted this video of a Norfolk Southern engineer whose wife brings her kids to sit in the “front row seat” as Dad’s train passes them en route to Binghamton, NY via the Southern Tier Line.

His son has seen several trips with him behind the wheel, but this is the very first time he actuallyunderstands it’s Daddy who’s driving. Since most little boys go through that stage where trains are the coolest things in the world, you can imagine how exciting it is when your dad’s a train conductor. After all, the bond between father and son is one like no other, as we’ve seen before.

The little boy’s reaction is simply priceless. His face lit up upon seeing Daddy at work. He’s in tears and shaking with delight! I also love the comments from his young siblings — they’re all so excited, and Mom couldn’t be prouder of her adorable family.

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