You Should Never Order These 14 Fast Food Items According To The Employees There. I May Be Sick.


When asking the question “What fast food items should we try to avoid?” the simple answer is probably, “Don’t ever eat any fast food. Ever!” But sadly, for many people that’s just not a realistic option (financial reasons etc).

So to help us out, numerous fast food workers were asked for their behind the scenes advice on what items we should really stay away from ordering at their work establishment. From the Reddit thread titled, “Fast food workers of Reddit, what should we NOT order at your restaurant? Why not?”, here are the results:

Some of the answers brought out some amazingly gross things to light, some expected and some very unexpected. One thing’s for sure, cooking at home is always best. Another thing’s for sure… I’ll probably still eat all of this stuff.

Source: Reddit / Foodbeast

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