She Never Treats The ‘Strange’ Little Horse Like An Outsider… This Is Why!


Are you ready to share your love? You have to meet Shammy, one of the most adorable miniature horses that have ever existed. This Georgian-born horse is very tiny since he had the dwarfism gene right from his birth.

This fun-loving dwarf weighs only 50 pounds and is 5 months of age. And if you have to know, he probably thinks he is a dog. He hangs and cuddles up with people at the farm as compared to what other animals do. Given that he is faced with a number of medical issues, it is surprising that he differs a lot from other horses. He does not consider himself any different and that serves him well.

Usually, mini horses experience 4 kinds of dwarfism. The dwarfism traits that Shammy exhibits are: Nostrils at the top of the nose, short neck, breathing issues, undershot jaw and crooked legs. As revealed by Michelle (his human mom), he has the biggest personality of all the horses she has ever owned.

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