Newly hatched ducklings went missing – Then farmer sees family cat biting one of them


An unusual happening took place within Clara, Ireland in the farm belonging to Emma and Ronan Lally. The couple was expecting ducklings to hatch but when they checked, they were not able to see the babies yet the discarded egg shells were around. After looking around, they saw their cat Della with a duck in its mouth. They expected the worst and immediately took the duckling away from her. They then realized that she had not hurt the duck since she had gently carried it.

After sometime, 3 birds were seen snuggling under Della’s body. Della had placed a paw over them and was purring around them as a way of protecting them. Coincidentally, Della had also delivered three kittens. That means she had natural maternal instincts and all she was interesting in doing at that time was to show love and care to the little ducklings.

Since ducks grow faster than kittens, they soon became too active and big to be controlled by Della. Though they are big, there are times when they can be seen following Della who at the moment is still nursing her little kittens. Watching this unique and extraordinary adoption is likely to make you smile.



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