News Anchorwoman Is Shocked When She Announces Her Own Proposal


There are moments in life that simply cannot be taken lightly. No matter how casual or laid back you spend your days on a regular basis, big moments like this call for something much more special. After all, it’s a pretty big deal when you ask someone to dedicate themselves to spending the rest of their life with you!

Proposals require planning, even if you aren’t exactly the romantic type. It’s always better to go that extra mile to let your loved one know just how much you care.

The element of surprise is crucial, of course. Your lady might have already picked out her ring herself, but catching her off guard for that magical moment when you pop the question can make all the difference for your happily ever after. That’s what makes the beautiful gesture so wonderful in the clip below!

Anchorwoman Jillian Pavlica thought it was another ordinary day on the job when she saw some breaking news come through on her teleprompter. As she began to read the words, it hit her: She was the news! Her co-anchors quickly sidled away while her betrothed-to-be moseyed up to meet her in front of the green screen. Before getting down on one knee, her chivalrous beau describes how they’ve been waiting for this moment for years — waiting for the timing to be just right, when all of the pieces would finally fall together and they could start their life as husband and wife.

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