Nothing Feels Better Than Making Someone Feel Good

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I am on a mission to make this world a kinder place. I feel we have a lot of hostility out there and that tends to get noticed and even talked about in the news.We hear all about the anger and bad out there. Let’s create a wave of good. Let’s commend and praise good deeds and quit dwelling on the bad. Bad is all around but so is good and if we shine a light on the good the bad can just sit there in the shadows.

I have found that when I quit being selfish and thinking of me me me all the time, things get better. I can get bogged down in the “woe is me” way of thinking and forget to look for and create good. There is nothing in this world that feels better than making someone feel good. When you can focus on the happiness of others you truly find joy. Take a vow with me that for the duration of the summer we will do one thing a day that will make someone else happy. Wake up each and think of something nice you can do for at least one other person. You could drop an email, call them, compliment them, help them with a task, encourage them, give them money, pray with them, hold open a door, it doesn’t take much. We have the power to make the mood out there. Let’s take the focus off ourselves and focus on how we can give ourselves. Have a great day!




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