Now This Is An Invention That EVERY Dog Owner Can Use! Especially For Older Folks! I Want One!


As a dog owner of a loving Cocker Spaniel (who is sitting on my lap as I write this) I know exactly what it feels like to play fetch for hours on end. There have been days where we spent hours at the park, and no matter how much or how far I throw the ball, there she is, 30 seconds later, waiting for me to throw it again. It’s one of the best ways for us to bond with our dogs, and truly a great way to unwind. Unfortunately, not many of us have the shoulders that we used to, and throwing a ball for hours can take it’s toll!

So, I was pleasantly surprised to see this product, and what a genius idea it is! Now don’t go calling me lazy for not wanting to play fetch with my dog. I’ll play fetch all day long, but I know that when I leave my dog with my mom, who’s now in her 70′s, my dog will get all the exercise she needs, without wrecking my mom’s joints. What’s your opinion, do you want one? You can get it here.

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Via Petflow



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