Nurse Realizes Her Dying Patient Is Actually Her Long-Lost Father


When Wanda Rodriguez headed into work for her shift at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx, she expected just another normal workday. Little did she know, her life was about to completely change and come full circle.

While making her rounds, Wanda overheard a doctor mention the name of a new older male patient who had just arrived for care. Victor Peraza had been brought to the hospital because he was dying of cancer — but hearing this man’s name sent shockwaves down Wanda’s spine. The dumbfounded nurse marched into Victor’s room, introduced him to the hospital, and then started asking him questions about his family and his past. When he said he had two daughters and offered their names, Wanda burst out of the room in tears. Years of pain and longing came flooding back, but she decided to pull herself together, head back into the hospital room, and dive into a conversation decades in the making.

I think you know where this is heading, but just in case… watch the video to find out the major bombshell that was dropped on this fateful day in 2010.

If nothing else, this story will teach you that it’s never too late to forgive and heal.

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