Nurses Held This Newborn Up To Meet His Mommy For The First Time. No One Expected THIS.


Just recently, a video surfaced of a baby shortly after its birth via cesarean section. The birth wasn’t more remarkable than others, but what the little guy did after may melt your heart into a million little pieces. The nurses held the baby up to his mother’s face so that she could meet her child for the very first time. The baby’s response was so sweet.

The baby hugged his mother’s face tightly.

Daily Mail

He knew just how much she loved him, even though they just met.

Daily Mail

The video says it all:


Then, when the nurses tried to pull him away, he screamed and cried. This little guy did NOT want to be away from his mommy.

Daily Mail

It’s amazing what instincts babies come with, pre-packaged. He just knew he wanted to be with his mom!

Daily Mail

Life is already a beautiful miracle. This baby just made it about 1,000 times cuter. He is already a little momma’s boy (not that there’s anything wrong with that). His mother can keep this video forever. 🙂

Via Daily Mail

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