This Nursing Home Is Also A Pre-School—And It’s Amazing


The video below is a trailer for a new documentary, “Present Perfect.” The film explores the very real experience of aging in America — both growing up, and growing old.

Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle is home to more than 400 elderly residents. It is also home to a preschool.

Many older adults experience social isolation, which can lead to depression and loneliness. By incorporating childcare into the home, an unlikely bridge is built creating unlikely friendships and unexpected lessons. In the touching clip below, you’ll get a glimpse into the celebration of life from opposite ends — from the sheer joy on the faces of children and residents as they dance and play together, to the moment reality hits when one of the residents passes away and her friends must plan for her funeral.

The moment that hits me in the gut comes at the very end, when the ladies wave goodbye to the children who are growing up and moving on. “Come back soon,” one woman says. But if the children ever do decide to return to the nursing home later in life, their elderly friends will have likely passed away.

It’s impossible to watch this and not to be reminded of how fast time flies the older we get. Life is precious, and it’s wonderful that these two groups of people are given the opportunity to learn and grow together.

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