The Odd Jobs Celebrities Held Before They Were Famous Are Eye-Opening.


Have big dreams of acting on the big screen? Feel like you’re stuck in a dead end job and you’ll never get your big break? I’m sure some of these celebrities did as well while working these jobs. There is hope for you yet!




1.) Cindy Crawford

Crawford made some sweet moolah by shucking corn before she became the face of Pepsi.

2.) George Clooney


Before he was the recipient of the sexiest man alive award, George cut tobacco in Kentucky.

3.) Howard Stern

Image: Howard Stern 

The shock jock of the century once worked as an ice cream truck driver before getting his radio start.

4.) Rachel McAdams


This Mean Girl worked at McDonald’s before her acting career took off.

5.) Hugh Jackman

Quit clowning around! I won’t, Jackman worked as a clown at children’s parties before making it big.

6.) Amy Adams

This enchanting star once was a Hooters waitress while trying to save up to buy a car.

7.) Brad Pitt

Brad used to dress up in a chicken costume to advertise El Pollo Loco.

8.) Whoopi Goldberg

Goldberg once held a job as a mortuary beautician, aka putting make up on dead bodies for funerals.

9.) Channing Tatum

Maybe it wasn’t all magic, but practice. Tatum worked as a stripper before getting his big break.

10.) Tom Cruise

Going up? Tom used to work as a hotel bellhop.

11.) Christopher Walken

Walken was once employed by the circus, even doing a little dabbling in the lion taming business.

12.) Simon Baker

This Aussie was once a seedy time share salesman.

13.) Ray Romano


Before everyone loved him, Ray was a futon delivery boy.

14.) Rod Stewart

Stewart had quite the creepy job, he worked as a grave digger.

15.) John Hamm

Before Hamm was a mega-famous actor he had a less glamorous job. He was the set dresser for porn films.



Now go out and make something of yourself! Use these celebrities as examples that anything is possible and you can escape your boring, dead end job. Share this post with your friends if you know someone who is still pining to make it big in the arts.



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