Officer Tells Woman To Open Trunk Because Lights Are Out, Doesn’t Realize She’s Recording His Actions


Chy-Niece was on her way to a job interview when the unthinkable happened! She was on a busy roadway, then out nowhere came the red and blue flashing lights. She wasn’t speeding and signaled for every turn – what could this be about?

After gathering her documents, Chy-Niece rolled down her window to speak with the officer. What he said next is going viral for all of the right reasons…

Facebook/Chy-Niece Thacker

Instead of snapping at her, Officer Jenkins politely informed Chy-Niece that both taillights were out. The last thing she needed was a hefty fine on top of having to fix the broken lights. That’s when Officer Jenkins did something that blew Chy-Niece away.

She shared what happened next on her Facebook page:
“So this happened just now. I’m on my way to go to my interview this morning when I get pulled [over]. Both brake lights decided to go out this time.

As he walked to the car and I was pulling out my stuff, he quickly said…”



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